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Emerald Coast Solar

The undependability of CFE power delivery means that many of us need a back up power source. Emerald Coast Solar works with the industry leaders to provide the best alternate power sources available.

Generac is the best when it comes to both whole home propane powered generators and gas powered portable generators.

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powermateer 8000 a2.jpg

ECS has been installing the full line up of Generac whole home and portable generators for over three years. All of our installations include delivery, setup and interconnection to your home power system (even for the portables).

Our installs give you peace of mind not only when the power goes out, but also during the install, knowing they are installed in a safe and secure manner. Installed with experienced personnel who know what needs to be done to ensure your safety.

At ECS we have back up power solutions to fit almost any budget and all our systems come fully installed and operational. We ensure the systems are installed correctly and are designed to work alone or on conjunction with solar systems.

Our whole home propane powered stand alone automatic units, range in size from 14-kilowatts all the way to 24 - kilowatts and generally have more than enough power to handle our household requirements during a power outage lasting a few minutes to days or even weeks.

Our portable 8-kilowatt systems are fully integrated into your electrical system, allowing you to decide what to operate and what not to use. Large capacity fuel tanks allow these units to generally run 8 - 10 hours on a single fill.

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