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Why not let solar provide the power for your entire home including:
Hot water,
Pool heating,
And Even backup power when the grid goes down.
With a whole home solution from Emerald Coast Solar, you can do all this and more
with clean renewable solar energy.
With the most advanced systems available today - ECS can provide you with a worry free whole home solution for all your power requirements. 

Starting with Enphase Micro-inverters matched with high-production JA Solar solar panels on your roof, we combine these with the Enphase Encharge backup power system - A true revolution in backup power. The only system of its kind that will keep your solar in operation during a grid failure.

Moving into the home, you can now replace the gas range and hot water tank with electric and have the power provided for these generated by the solar system and be assured that even in the event of a grid failure, your solar and Encharge system will provide the power you need to weather the storm.

You can even heat your pool - electric pool heating with the power generated from your one solar system means you can have a warm pool in the cool winter months and have additional power for use the rest of the year.

Just imagine the freedom of no power bills and the security of power available 24/7 regardless of what CFE is doing.

We also carry a wide range of alternate power sources from Generac. Including Whole Home Automatic Generators and Portable Generators. All available fully installed and integrated into your home electrical system.

Click the links below to see what Emerald Coast Solar can do for you.

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