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Supplied and installed by

Emerald Coast Solar

A portable backup generator is the lowest cost option for home back up power. With the smallest initial cost and the options to run the unit when you want, it is the economical choice for keeping your home running during the frequent grid failures so common on the Emerald Coast and other areas of Yucatan.

ECS is your #1 installer of portable generators here on the coast. We go beyond just sales delivery and set up. We provide a complete package.

gen 8000 a3.jpg
powermateer 8000 a1.jpg

A package that includes:

An 8 - 10 kilowatt portable generator.

Delivery and setup of the generator.

Installation of a manual transfer switch.

Custom constructed electrical cable for connection of the generator into your home breaker system.

A secure connection plug for the electrical cable.

20 liters of fuel.

Operational instructions in both English and Spanish.

Labor for all of the above.


ECS is proud to supply both Generac and Powermate portables to our clients. Each of these brands are at the top of the ratings for performance and dependability.

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