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2019 BECA  recipient

At Emerald Coast Solar, we do more than install solar systems and generators. We believe that, as a business, we have a responsibility to give back to the community we live in and the communities we work in. To that end, we dedicate a portion of our profits, from each solar system we install, to a charity in the home owners community. We also hold fund raising events and participate in community events.

 As well, we have established the Shining A Light Beca. This is an annual Bursary/Scholarship, available to one graduating student, living in the areas we live and work in, who is continuing  onto higher education, in a field of study that will benefit our planet.

As there was no qualifying applicant for the 2019 Beca, 

We take great pleasure in continuing to support last year's 

Shining A Light $5,000.00 peso recipient:


Miguel Gualberto.

Miguel grew up in Chuburná Puerto as the eldest of 7 children. Tragedy struck his family early when his father was killed in a fishing accident when Miguel was a young boy. Growing up as the eldest in a single parent home could have set a far different course for Miguel, but he stayed true to his path earning top marks throughout elementary, secundaria and prepa. In fact, he did so well, he was invited to apply to Prep Uno at his completion of Secundaria. Only the best are offered the opportunity to apply and only the best of these applicants are accepted.

Miguel was not only accepted but, continued to excel, graduating Prepa Uno with an 85% average. He accomplished this even though his home life was again turned upside down when he and his siblings had to go to live with his grandparents for his final year of Prepa.


Miguel is also, one of the original students to have been sponsored through the Apoyo Escolar Chuburná  Puerto Program. It is this sponsorship, from grade 4 through graduation, that allowed him to focus on his studies and kept him from leaving school to help support the family.

Miguel plans to enter a program of study focusing on renewable energy, specializing in solar systems and applications.

All of us at Emerald Coast Solar are proud to be able to help Miguel continue his educational journey and wish him every success in his endeavors.

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