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Inverter vs conventional mini-split air conditioning.

It is interesting and maybe I am the only one who did not know this, but there is a significant difference between regular air conditioners and inverters. Inverter air conditioners are promoted as a way of saving up to 60% and, in some cases more, on the cost of operation vs regular air conditioners. This cost savings is achieved by how they work to keep the area they are used in at a specific temperature.

A normal, mini-split air conditioner comes on at full power and stays at full power until the desired temperature is achieved. They then shut down. As the room warms up, the regular air conditioner turns back on to full power and cools the room down and then shuts off. This cycle is repeated over and over, full power, no power, full power, no power. These power surges use a huge amount of energy and running at max power uses the maximum energy as well.

An inverter air conditioner operates by using full power to cool a room to the desired temperature the same as a regular air conditioner. The difference is an inverter air conditioner does not turn off when the temperature is achieved. It slows down and continues to operate at a reduced rate to maintain the room temperature. In this way, the amount of energy used to maintain the temperature is greatly reduced, thereby, saving you lots of money.

You need to look carefully at how you use (or plan to use) your air conditioning. Making the wrong choice can cost you thousands of pesos either when you buy, or when you use. A regular air conditioner and an inverter air conditioner use the same amount of energy to get the room to the correct temperature. It is only how each keeps the room at temperature that is different.


If you use your air conditioner for only a few hours each day, then most of that time is spent getting the room to the temperature you want. Very little is spent maintaining the temperature. The right choice for this application is a normal, mini-split air conditioner, which is somewhat less than the price of an inverter type. On the other hand, if you use your air conditioner constantly for many hours or 24/7, then you will see the benefits of an inverter type air conditioner. While you will pay substantially more for an inverter, you will quickly recover the extra money spent through cost savings with CFE.

You also need to carefully size an inverter type AC for the room you want to cool. Going either too small or too large will lose the benefits of the inverter system. In both cases, the inverter does not function optimally and power is needlessly wasted. So, be sure you have the correct inverter AC for the space.

In closing, the best option for both the occasional user and the constant user of air conditioning is to choose the best unit for their needs and to have a grid tie solar system installed to either completely eliminate or greatly reduce their power consumption through CFE.

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