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Questions for any company you are considering as your solar installation team

“With the increased demand, more and more companies are offering solar installs and, while competition is usually good for the consumer, I would offer the following list of questions to ask and /or check with any company you are thinking of using to supply and install your grid tie solar system. Remember, most of the companies around here get their supplies from the same place and at the same price. It really comes down to a choice based on quality of product, price, experience, customer service and trust.”

This document, with our responses, is included in the information booklet we provide at our initial meeting.

We have a 4 part series on questions to ask before deciding on the company to install your solar system. It is important to remember that your solar system is a long term investment. Solar systems are designed to last 25 years or more. They are expensive and they do cost money to maintain.  


Solar power is not free power! Power from the sun is a renewable resourse that costs money to harvest. It is far less expensive, in the long run, to use a good quality solar system and have it backed up by a supperior installation and maintence company than it is to base your decision on initial price only. 


If you are looking for the cheapest system available, then chances are you are just prepaying your CFE bill and it is possible the system will, long term, cost you more than to not have had a system at all.


With all the companies and choices of equipent that are available today, it can be quite overwhelming to decide on which company to use to provide you with a quality solar system that will stand the test of time. As well, how can you be sure that the company providing your solar system will be around if you have a question or an issue down the road in 1, 2, 5 or more years. 

The links below are designed to assist you in your decision. They will help you separate the wheat from the chaff in the solar market and will assist you in making an informed decision that is going to affect the  next 25 years of your life. 


At ECS, we hope you will take the time to go through these 50 questions. That you will use them when comparing company offerings, and that they will enable you to make the best choice for you.


Of course we want to be that choice and have prepared a wealth of information about our company, the products, services and guarantees we offer on this web site. So please while you are checking out the companies you think can serve you best, have a look at what we have done for others and can do for you.


As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a note. We are happy to hear from you.


For further information, check out our download page for quick links of our services and guarantees. The rest of our site is also packed with useful information.

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