No Mas Perritos is one of the original Charities ECS decided to support. They work in and around the Chelem /Chuburna area and are constantly working to round up stray dogs and cats. They then take these animals to the local vet to be spayed or neutered. They are also examined and treated as necessary. brought back to health and then released back where they were found.

Billy is just one example of hundreds of dogs rescued by No Mas Perritos

Billy was in very bad shape, near death. He was starving, had a bad case of mange as well as other issues. He is now healthy and happy, thanks to the work of No Mas Perritos.

With all the work they do in the community for animals just like Billy, we are proud to support No Mas Perritos as much as we can.

Following our 2nd annual dinner we were happy to donate over $4,000 pesos to help the great work they do.

More solar systems installed - more donations to No Mas Perritos. Over $8,400.00 pesos. Thanks to our clients who decided our donation goes to No Mas Perritos.

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