Have a look through our installs. Each is unique. Each home is individual and each system is tailored to meet the needs of the home owners.

We have installed over 80 systems in the coastal area of Yucatan and every system is designed to withstand the harsh climate we face living on or near the beach.

Each gallery represents a system we have installed. Just scroll down the page and click on an image slider to view the install and explanations of the work carried out.

12 - 320 watt panels - Kaco 5 inveter

All using Tigo Optimizers to maximize panel production.

Ocean front 20 - 325 watt panels with Enphase  micro-inverters 

This system has produced over 34 kilowatts in one day! Dec. 29.

A 12 - 320 watt panel system using multi panel racking system

This is a fully seasonally adjustable multi-panel system that has delivered as much as 24 kilowatts in one day.

A 12 - 320 watt system using Enphase micro-inverters.

Fully adjustable to maximize power production.

24 - 270 watt panels with Enphase micro-inverters.

This system has consistently delivered up to 36 kilowatts per day.

14 - 250 watt panels matched to a Kaco 5  wall mount inverter

One of our first systems delivering about 1.25 kilowatts per panel per day.

A 14 - 320 watt panel system matched with a Kaco 5 wall mount inverter 

Tigo optimizers were added to this system to maximize power output. This system consitently produces about 4 kw per hour.

A 14 - 270 watt panel system

This is an Enphase micro-inverter system with back side adjustable legs allowing for seasonal ajustment to maximize power production.

22 panel system

Enphase Micro-inverters and 270 watt panels - over 30 kilowatts per day.

The above systems were some of the first systems we installed - You can check out other years below, each page has a selection of the systems we installed in that year.


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