Hurricanes and Other Claims Made by the Competition

There are some things I have a difficult time with. One of these is companies who make claims about their systems that just are not true. We use (in most cases) a higher quality version of the rails and clamping system as our competitors for securing the panels to the rails. It is worth noting however, some of our competitors claim their system will withstand a category 2 hurricane. This is quite simply false. The panels are guaranteed to withstand up to 177 kilometer winds. Unfortunately, a category 2 hurricane can easily exceed this wind strength in gusts. In fact, wind gusts can exceed category 3 strength and yet the hurricane is still only a category 1 or 2 because the sustained winds are less.

On top of that, the racking system is not even guaranteed through category 1 winds. It is made of aluminum and was not designed for strength as much as it was for light weight and durability in harsh climates. The panel guarantee will do you no good if they are ripped from the racking system and sent flying across the neighborhood.

If someone says their system is guaranteed to category 2, get it in writing and be sure their responsibility is spelled out in detail in the event the racking system fails. Please do this before you sign a contract with them!

Other claims we have seen include completely false and misleading estimates of the amount of power you will generate with the system they quote. Your system, on average, will never generate less power than what we estimate and, we will not claim you can power more than is possible with the electricity you do generate. If you are interested in seeing how we calculate the power your system will generate, click HERE.

Guarantees are extremely difficult to get backed up here in Mexico. If you have ever had a hot water tank or water pump fail, you probably know what we mean. We are the only company to have loaner panels and loaner micro-inverters on hand to keep your system up and running in the event there is a warranty issue with a panel or a micro-inverter. We are also the only company to offer payment for lost production. If we cannot keep your system running at 90% or better while a warranty issue is sorted out. See what we offer HERE.

Some competitors claim they will provide maintenance service and then you never see them. ECS maintenance services are the best in the business and we do show up. Click HERE for more information.

The more our competition comes to understand that ECS is the company providing the best systems, the best customer support, the highest production levels, and the best maintenance programs available, the more they try to compare themselves to us.

We have even been to meetings with potential clients who have asked how our maintenance programs compare with another company and passed their maintenance program over to us to review. We looked at it and realized it was our basic program - word for word, including the same pricing. The only thing the other company did was remove our name and put their name on it. On the one hand we are thrilled that we have made an impact on an entire industry, bringing much needed aftercare support to system owners. On the other hand, we are concerned that this lack of product research and development (simply coping what we have done) is a shortcut indicative of the level of commitment these companies have to their clients. If they will short cut the work to put together a maintenance program, what else will they short cut when it comes to your system install?

We cannot say this enough, if you are getting quotes from any company, make sure what they say they will do and what they say they will provide is put in writing.

Far too often, we see people who have gone with a different company, for their solar installation, having issues with the install, with the activation, with the length of time it takes to get the system into operation and then with maintenance and service afterwards.

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