Commitment to our future clients:

Your time is valuable and at Emerald Coast Solar we understand this. It is important to us to ensure you are not wasting time waiting for a representative to meet with you to discuss your solar needs. As such, we are committed to ensuring, to the best of our ability, when we schedule an appointment with you we will be there on time.

We offer you, our future clients, the following guarantee:

Emerald Coast Solar guarantees that our representative will be at the scheduled meeting location on time (within 15 minutes + or -).

Emerald Coast Solar further guarantees that if we fail to live up to the above, we will pay, the person we had scheduled to meet, $50 pesos upon our arrival to the meeting.

Emerald Coast Solar further guarantees that, if we are unable to attend the scheduled meeting and are unable to provide at least 4 (four) hours notice of our inability to attend, we will pay the person we scheduled to meet $100 pesos for their time and effort. This payment shall be due and payable only if a second meeting is scheduled and takes place.

Notice shall be deemed as provided by:

     Direct conversation with the person,

     Cellular/telephone conversation with the person,

     Direct/Cellular/phone conversation with person’s secretary or personal assistant,

     E-mail notification, Facebook message, Whatsapp message.

If there is a question of accurate time, our representative’s cellular or computer shall be taken as the correct time. In the event neither of the foregoing are available, the time shall be confirmed using the cellular or computer of the person being met.

Things do happen and

people can get delayed but,

You will never feel like this,

with Emerald Coast Solar.

You can download this document by clicking on the PDF file here

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