Maintenance Programs

Our Basic Program

The Solar System Maintenance Program, quite simply, is a program that combines the necessary cleaning of the solar panels with a visual inspection of the entire solar system, from rooftop to breaker panel.


By having Emerald Coast Solar take care of your panel cleaning we are able to ensure your system remains in good working order and we can then recommend preventative maintenance on your system as necessary, as opposed to dealing with an issue once it becomes a problem.


The Solar System Maintenance Program is a yearly renewable program comprising the following:


During the year Emerald Coast Solar will come to your location 4 times (approx. every three months) and carry out the following:


1)    Washdown of all solar panels.


2)    Inspection of all solar panels, rooftop wiring, connections, string boxes, combiner boxes and lockout junctions.


3)    Inspection of all conduit and mounting brackets.


4)    Inspection of inverter and connections both into inverter and from inverter to breaker panel.


5)    Emerald Coast Solar will provide you with a written report (via e-mail) with our inspection findings and any recommendatiions for preventative maintenance.

6)    We will (where possible) twice per year adjust your panels to take full advantage of the seasonal changes in solar angle to maximiz power production.


You will always have the choice of proceeding with the recommended maintenance or defering maintenance to a later time.


We will never undertake correcting a maintenance issue without your prior approval.

You can download a copy of this Agrement by clicking on th icon below.



Hurricane Protection Service

Emerald Coast Solar is pleased to be the first company to offer a hurricane protection service to a select number of our clients.

Using our trained install team, in the event of a hurricane, we will remove your panels from their location and store the panels (at your location). Following the hurricane we will then reinstall the panels back in their original location.

This service is only available to clients who have our premier service package.

While we have every confidence in our systems and their ability to withstand winds in excess of 74 miles or 120 klms per hour, hurricanes easily exceed these wind speeds and have a force that is of a different nature than normal winds.


As such we offer the following service:

  1. We will monitor the advance of a tropical storm/hurricane with the potential of coming close enough to warrant panel removal and,

  2. When the wind forecast is rated to exceed 74 miles or 120 klms per hour and,

  3. If within 3 to 7 days there is the potential for the above,

  4. We will remove all panels from their current location,

  5. We will securely store the panels at your location,

  6. We will, in the case of central inverters disconnect the panel wiring from the inverter and,

  7. Disconnect the inverter from the CFE power source,

  8. We will, in the case of panel connected micro-inverters, install protective caps on the electrical cable connectors leading to the micro-inverters and secure such caps with “zap straps”. Cost of caps to be covered by the system owner.

  9. Following the hurricane, or at such time as the danger has past and winds will allow, we will reinstall the panels back in their original location and return the system to operation.

  10. In the event of damage to either the panel racking system or the electrical components of the system, such damage will need to be corrected prior to reinstall of panels and return of system to full operation.

  11. In the event that damage to either the panels, the racking system, or other components of the solar system occurs during the re and re process all repairs and or replacement and associated costs shall be the responsibility of Emerald Coast Solar.


This service covers the re and re of the panels only. All framing and electrical cables and connections etc. will remain in their original locations.

This is an abbreviated version of the Hurricane Protection Service. For a full copy click on the icon below.



We want you to be happy with your solar system and enjoy many years of clean efficient energy production. To help you achieve the best possible results from your system, we are offering our "Solar System Maintenance Programs"

Emerald Coast Solar Premier Service Contract


Emerald Coast Solar agrees to provide the following services

for your solar system:


Section 1

Guaranteed response times:

  1. Emerald Coast Solar guarantees to be at your solar system location within 48 hours of our response to notification of a service issue, unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon.

  2. If Emerald Coast Solar fails to fulfill its obligations under section one subsection 1 above, Emerald Coast Solar will compensate the system owner with $50.00 pesos for each 24 hour period or portion thereof beyond the first 48 hours until such time as Emerald Coast Solar does arrive at the solar system location.

  3. Emerald Coast Solar further agrees to commit to a 2 hour appointment window for service delivery. Effectively, Emerald Coast Solar commits to arriving at the designated location within 1 hour before and/or one hour after the scheduled appointment time.

  4. If Emerald Coast Solar fails to fulfill its obligations under section1 subsection 3 above, Emerald Coast Solar will compensate the system owner with $50.00 pesos.

  5. Once on site, Emerald Coast Solar commits to ensuring the clients system is fully operational within 72 hours from site arrival.

  6. If Emerald Coast Solar fails to fulfill its obligations under section 1 subsection 5 above, Emerald Coast Solar will compensate the system owner with $100.00 pesos for each 24 hour period or portion thereof beyond the first 72 hours that the system is not fully operational to a maximum of $1,000.00 pesos


Section 2 Service call out:

Service Call Outs covered herein shall include:

  1. Each year (on a 12 month basis from the date of signing of this agreement) Emerald Coast Solar agrees to provide free of charge, up to two (2) service call outs exclusive of maintenance issues and exclusive of issues not related to the installation and or operation of the equipment installed by Emerald Coast Solar and exclusive of issues arising from power delivery by CFE.

  2. Travel (up to 100 kilometers each direction) to and from your location and up to 2 (two) hours labor.

Section 3

Additionally, Emerald Coast Solar agrees to provide the following services:


  1. Loaner Panels and Panel replacement:

  2. Loaner Micro-inverter and Micro-inverter replacement:


Other materials, constructs, covered under this agreement include:

            A)         All equipment installed by Emerald Coast Solar and its representatives

            B)         All wiring and cables installed by Emerald Coast Solar and its representatives

            C)         All piping installed by Emerald Coast Solar and its representatives.

            D)         All cement work installed by Emerald Coast Solar and its representatives


Section 4 Call out not related to items covered above:

In the event Emerald Coast Solar and/or its representatives are called to a service site and the necessary work repairs, diagnosis of the issue in question is not covered under the terms and conditions set forth herein, the system owner shall have two choices:

  1. The system owner can pay for the service call and any work performed at the prevailing rate for Emerald Coast Solar, or,

  2. The system owner can have Emerald Coast Solar list this call out as one of the system owners two call outs as covered under this agreement.

Section 5 Ongoing Maintenance Agreement As per the basic maintenance program.

This is an abbreviated list of the services covered under the Premium Maintenance Service Contract. For full details please click the logo below.


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