Shining a light on the communities in our area.


At Emerald Coast Solar we believe in giving back to the community. As ex-pats we have been given a warm welcome from both the ex-pat community and Mexican locals everywhere we go. As our way of giving back we are committing a portion of our net profits as charitable donations back into the communities we work in.


We have selected causes that are close to our hearts. These are causes that will benefit the communities not just today but into the future. For tthis year we have selected:


Chuburna Apoyo Program - Once again we are the corporate sponsor.

A long established charity with the goal of ensuring as many children as possible living in Chuburna Puerto have access to a full education right through to graduation.


Chelem Apoyo Program—dedicated to ensuring the ongoing education of the children of Chelem.


No Mas Perritos—dedicated to a long term nonlethal solution to the overpopulation of dogs and cats in the Chelem/Chuburna area.

PAAR -Programa Animales Al Rescate Telchac Puerto. - Dedicated to reducing the overpopulation of dogs and cats in the Telchac area through Spay and neuter clinics.


Upon completion of each solar system installation, we will be asking our client to select  one of the above causes for our donation to go to from their installation. If a client declines to make a selection we will make the selection on a rotational basis.


Every January we will review the charities we have selected and decide to either continue the donations to each individual charity, add additional charities or change a current charity for a new charity.


Please take the time to click on the links below and see how you can join us in helping these worthy causes have a positive impact on their communities.


Thank you 


Check out ECS,s comitment to No Mas Perrotos

Check out ECS's comitment to Apoyo Chelem

Check out ECS's comitment to Apoyo Chuburna

Check out ECS's comitment to PAAR Telchac

Simply click the link on the right to read the whole story and to donate.

Please pass this link to everyone you know so others can donate as well.

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