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Yes you can get hot water from your solar system!
You do not need a separate system or special plumbing.
Just your solar system and an electric hot water tank or heater.
That's it and you have a solar hot water system.
The ECS whole home solution includes electric water heating. This means one system to provide the electricity and the hot water for the home.

Gone is the propane boiler and gone is the cost to heat your water.

Gone is the separate solar hot water heater on your roof, taking up space and slowly rotting away with rust.

Just think, one system, designed to last for decades, providing the power you need. No worries about running out of gas or having no hot water because it has been cloudy for days. 

Just hot water when you want it, any time of the day or night.

With a solar system from ECS, it is not only possible but easy to do. We can calculate the size system needed to produce the hot water you need and then just add the panels to your solar system.

Add an electric hot water tank and you are set!

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