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At ECS, we are always looking for ways to improve the amount of power you get from your solar system. One of the ways we can do this, is by improving the level and consistency of the power provided by CFE.

CFE is very undependable for both, basic service and for level of power being provided. Did you know that a solar system has to be able to check the flow of power coming into the home and ensure that it is at the right level in order for the solar system to work?

If there is no power coming from CFE, the solar system shuts down. This occurs in a power outage. However, the same thing occurs if the power coming in to the home is not within the parameters of the solar system to operate. It will also shut down. This robs you of valuable production time, reducing the amount of power you produce and, increasing the amount of power you require from CFE.


Most of us have experienced these power fluctuations first hand. Many have lost appliances because of them. Up until now, the solution has been to put surge suppresors or voltage conditions at the plug for each appliance we want to protect.


This is fine for a fridge or a computer etc. but what about your solar system? Or what if you want to protect the entire home?

The other issues with the plug in surge suppresors are:


1) They only protect what is plugged into them.

2) Many are designed as one time use. They take a high voltage surge and they need to be replaced.

3) They offer no protection for 240 volt circuits.

4) they offer no protection for any of your home electronics that do not plug in (ceiling fans, lights, A/C units etc).

Emerald Coast Solar has looked at the problem and we have a solution:


- Whole Home Voltage Regulators -


These units consistently, eliminate most of the down time for solar systems and ensure that your appliances are protected. As well, they have a safety feature that if the power from CFE exceeds their ability to regulate the flow, they shut off automatically, protecting you and your electronics from excessively high, or low, power delivery from CFE. 


Our pre-breaker panel units are ruggedly designed and come in a range of sizes to fit most home or business applications.

A simple set up brings the main power leads into the unit from CFE and new power leads exit the unit to your main electrical panel. Just turn on and your entire home is fully protected.


Ruggedly designed both inside and out, these units can meet the challenge of both business and home requiremets


With sizes ranging from 40 amps up to a full 110 amps, we have a size to fit your needs.

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