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The roof top solar system forms the core of a whole home power solution and ECS provides you with the most advanced, highest producing systems available today.

Enphase IQ series micro-inverters paired with JA Solar 1/2 cell solar panels ensure a massive power harvest from the sun, giving you the freedom to power what you need when you need it.
ECS has taken solar power to the next level. Our proprietary installation methods ensure you get the highest annual power production available.

Old style string inverters cannot come close to the power our systems produce and even other Enphase systems fall short on our overall production.

Simply put - we deliver more power per square meter of solar panel than anyone else. This means, either smaller systems or, more power for you to use.

As well, we deliver this power with the most advanced monitoring system. With three levels of monitoring at the individual panel level, we ensure you get the most comprehensive diagnostics, on an ongoing basis, available today.

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