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With over 120 solar systems, generators and voltage regulators installed along the Yucatan Coast, we have seen and corrected a lot of electrical issues. 
We would like to say that we have seen it all, unfortunately, we are surprised by something new on a regular basis.

Most wiring issues we encounter are fairly easy to fix, some are more complicated and a few just cannot be corrected without substantial investment by the home owner.

We try our best to avoid this situation with anything we install.

The old adage of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" , may work in some cases, but you want to ensure your solar system, backup power source and even the voltage regulator are going to work properly. The first step in ensuring their proper function is proper wiring.

Color coding, proper gauge wires, proper connections, using the correct junction boxes, using correct breakers, installing correct ground rods etc. All go a long way to ensuring your power systems are operating at their peak.
We take the steps to ensure the power coming from the meter to the different equipment we install is the best it can be. This includes; changing main lines into your home where necessary, installing separate sub-panels when necessary, Installing new main breakers when needed and other work as necessary. We commit to you to install our equipment in as safe and secure a manner as possible.
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