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Are your air conditioner compressors exposed to the elements? Are they on the roof and open to the sun and the rain? Are they covered but open on one or more sides allowing rain and salt and sand to cause them to deteriorate faster than they should?

Are they inside cement bunkers?

Do you have other equipment you want to protect?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we can help. We can correct the most common issues that either rob you of years of use from your AC or, cost you thousands of pesos more in excessive power use.


We have the solution!

Our custom built shelters protect the compressor from over 90% of the harmful elements that take years off the life of the unit and cost you thousands more pesos in excessive electrical costs.

They protect from the sun, the wind, the rain, salt and sand, yet allow for better cooling of the unit, so it operates more efficiently.

Our covers save you money! They extend the life of your compressor, allow for less ongoing maintenance and allow for a more economical operation of the unit.


As a solar system company, we are always looking for ways to reduce your electrical usage. The more this usage can be reduced the less dependent you are on CFE and the smaller a solar system you will need to cover the cost of operating your home. These are both win/win situations for you. You use less electricity and you use a smaller solar system to produce what you do use.

The largest power hog in any home is the air conditioning system. If you want to stay cool, you will use lots of power. Most times the compressor is mounted on the roof. The roof is the most exposed point of your home. It is subject to the full force of the sun, it gets the rain and the wind and the ocean salt and the blowing sand. All of this works to lessen the life of your compressor unit. Some people build concrete boxes around the units to try to protect them. This works to some degree but, generally the boxes are built wrong. They are built with only one opening and this is usually facing the wrong direction, or they are not big enough to allow the unit to cool properly, or they are not tall enough, etc. These boxes also trap the heat of the compressor around the unit making it work harder to cool the air entering your home. 

So, what is the solution?

Our shelters allow for air flow on all sides. They have a top that reflects the suns rays and they protect against the elements that will sap years of life from your air conditioner. As well, they keep the compressor cooler so it operates more efficiently.

Each of our shelters is custom made, on site, to ensure your compressor is protected and cooled properly.


As you can see these covers can be designed for just about any application including, generators (both whole home units and portables as well as propane tanks and more.

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