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Just imagine your home powered entirely by Earth friendly solar power. Clean, renewable and inexpensive. Power your lights, your fans, your A/C units - even your hot water and your pool heater. You can even use it to power your electric stove!
All at a fraction of the cost of power from CFE or even propane!
The ECS whole home solution takes powering your home to a new level. High production solar panels combined with industry leading Enphase micro-inverters means you now have the ability to install a solar system that will give you all the power you need to power everything in your home.

Even just three years ago, systems large enough to power everything were just too big to fit on most home roof tops, but not anymore. Now ECS can provide most homes with a system capable of doing it all and with power left over.

Our systems today, produce an average of twice or more what they were producing just three years ago.

This increase in production, without an increase in space, means you can now use your solar system to power hot water heaters, pool heaters and, even electric stoves and still have room left on the roof for possible system expansion.

Think of the simplicity of one solar system providing the power for the entire home - 24/7 365 day a year!

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