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Solar systems are complicated and there are many companies offering what they claim are the best, or cheapest, or most durable, or, or or... systems available.
At ECS we believe the best way you can make your decision, to get the best system for you, is to be informed about solar.
ECS has taken what we have learned over 7 years installing solar systems along the coast of Yucatan and put it into a book to help you understand solar and the different systems available.

We have tried to make this an easy read, without too much tek talk. Our goal is to give you the critical information you need to make the best decision possible when it comes to installing a solar system for your home.

Just click the link to the right to download a PDF version of our solar primer. We hope it is helpful to you when deciding on not only the solar system you want to have installed but, also who you want to do the install. 
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