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Emerald Coast Solar Maintenance Programs
Customer Support Services

We want you to be happy with your solar system and enjoy many years of clean efficient energy production. To help you achieve the best possible results from your system, we are offering our "Solar System Maintenance Programs."

ECS has three levels of maintenance starting with our Basic Program and moving to the Premium and onto the most comprehensive maintenance available, our Supreme Maintenance Program. At each higher level we provide additional services beyond simply cleaning your system. We offer in service guarantees, loaner panels, extended warranties and more. Just click on each of the links to download a copy of each level of warranty protection.

As well as service contracts that are the best in the business, we also offer other commitments to both our current clients and potential clients - including:

On time appointments,

Guaranteed repair times,


Guaranteed solar system production,

Payment for loss of production,

Ongoing system inspections,

Preventative maintenance,

Complimentary roof inspections during solar maintenance,

Free call outs for solar issues,

Even Hurricane updates during the season,

And much more!


Simply put - no other company in Yucatan is able or willing to offer the services you get from Emerald Coast Solar

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