Installation Commitment:

At Emerald Coast Solar we understand that having your system put into operation as quickly as possible is important to you. While there are some factors that are not within our control, we do control the timing of your installation. As such, we undertake the following guarantee:


We guarantee to have your system installed and ready to go into operation directly following the installation by CFE of the bi-directional meter (such installation includes the programming to have the CFE bi-directional meter fully operational in conjunction with a grid tie solar system).

In the event we are unable to have your system running as soon as the bi-directional meter is installed and is operational as per above, we shall:

  1. Have two working days (Monday - Friday, excluding Mexican holidays) to have the system fully operational.

   2. If, after two working days as noted in 1.(above), the system is not operational,                 Emerald Coast Solar shall pay to the system owner from the initial start of the bi-             directional meter:

          a. The current DAC rate for each kilowatt used by the location attached to the bi-                  directional meter for which Emerald Coast Solar is installing a grid tie solar                      system,

          b. Emerald Coast Solar shall also pay the applicable IVA for the total pesos paid                  to the system owner in (a) above and,                                                                              c. The payments made to the system owner in (a) and (b) above shall in no                    event exceed $1,500.00 pesos.


Exclusions to the installation agreement as contained above include:

Lack of access to property and buildings necessary to complete the installation process. Labor for damage caused by any outside force including but not limited to: Persons not authorized by Emerald Coast Solar, forces of nature (wind, rain, lightning, animals, birds etc.), trees and/or branches, palms etc., theft of system or any part thereof, issues related to CFE, and any other issue that may arise that is not directly attributable to either the equipment installed or the manner in which said equipment was installed by Emerald Coast Solar.

Any and all disputes arising regarding payment for system and or installation where said dispute affects either the ability or willingness of Emerald Coast Solar to complete the installation.

Lack of availability of parts and or materials supplied to Emerald Coast Solar by other persons, companies or agencies. 

In addition, any work/repair/modification/alteration of any equipment installed by Emerald Coast Solar by any person, other than authorized agents of Emerald Coast Solar, shall render this guarantee null and void.

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