Enphase takes on String inverters on the Yucatan Coast -

The results are AMAZING!


We recently had the opportunity to directly compare our systems to our competition. We were able to compare head to head a 16-panel system using a 5-kilowatt wall mount string inverter vs 4 of our systems using Enphase IQ6+ and IQ7+ micro-inverters.

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The newest most efficient solar inverters are here!!!

And Emerald Coast Solar Has Them !!!!!


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The latest technology from Enphase the IQ 7 and IQ 7+ take solar power production to a whole new level.

Up to 25% greater power yields than conventional inverters means substantial cost savings to you, with smaller systems than ever possible before.

Click the pics left and right to find out just why now is the best time to put a solar system on your home!

The Yucatan Coast - endless days of sunshine, surf and relaxation.


Why not put those endless days of sunshine to work for you?


With a grid tie solar system from Emerald Coast Solar,

you could power your home for free!

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Every day, month and year, thousands of home owners pay millions of pesos to CFE to power their homes when they could be keeping those pesos in their pockets.


With a grid tie solar system from Emerald Coast Solar, you can reduce or even eliminate your dependence on CFE.


The cost of solar systems has been dropping year after year and is now at the point where waiting for bigger discounts will actually cost you money.


Why not let Emerald Coast Solar show you how economical grid tie solar can be? You will be surprised how quickly a system can pay for itself and how fast you will be keeping more of your money in your pocket, instead of in the hands of CFE.


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More than just solar, we also provide electrical tie-in portable and whole home stand-by generators from the #1 generator manufacturer in North America - Generac. 

We can combine these with your solar system or as a stand alone option.

Never worry about a power outage again!

   Emerald Coast Solar

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